COVID-19 Big Hearts Policy Update Calling All Climate Champions To Apply

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iHeartAfrica is driven by the social mission to improve the livelihoods of men, women and children of Africa and the diaspora. Founded in 2017 by Chaka Clarke, Natasha, Makengo and Ranes Formosa with the shared understanding of the importance of holistic sustainable development.

 As a team, we have a vast collective experience working in a variety of ways in successful projects all over the world including Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Ghana and Jamaica. We actively work with orphanages, medical centres, community leaders and authorities, schools and voluntary organisations to help establish safe, clean, empowering future-proofed solutions that benefit the local areas. 

 The communities we work within often lack access to education, health services, nutritious food or safe places to play. Without these basic necessities it is difficult for individuals, voluntary organisations and families to feel empowered or to better themselves.

 At the core of our focus is education, healthcare, well-being and infrastructural support by providing training, safe guarding of children, skills nurturing and development through sports and recreational activities right the way through to building and refurbishing entire centres and schools.

 Our vision is nothing less than helping the people we work with realize their full potential through development, growth, and productivity by implementing sustainable programs that will enable them to become self- sufficient so that we are able to step back.