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I Heart Africa is a charity driven by a social mission to improve the livelihoods of men, women and children in Africa.


Our values are centred on the promotion of holistic self-sustainable development that creates an environment that is optimal in establishing a thriving community.
We work with orphanages, medical centres, schools and voluntary organisations located in Africa, at present within Congo DRC, Jamaica and Ghana.

At the core we focus on education, healthcare, well-being and infrastructural support by providing training, safeguarding of children, skills nurturing and development through sports and recreational activities. Our vision is nothing less than helping the people we work with realize their full potential through development, growth, and productivity by implementing sustainable programs that will enable them to become self- sufficient. We have a passionate desire to help the people of Africa build a better and brighter future for generations to come.

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I Heart Africa is committed to Educating, Enriching and Empowering the people of Africa. The communities we work within often lack access to education, health services, nutritious food or safe places to play. Without these basic necessities it is difficult for individuals, voluntary organisation and families to feel empowered or to better themselves.

We recognise the importance of understanding the unique needs of everyone we work with to effectively and sustainably address complex and critical challenges they face.

Our mission is to implement long term positive change by ensuring our involvement and activities are fit for purpose and where appropriate seek to partner with other organisations in order to unify and strengthen efforts to bring about a positive impact.

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At I heart Africa we believe in empowerment.


We recognise the importance of developing the untapped potential dormant in every child. We pride ourselves in understanding the unique needs of each child, as well as being able to see the bigger picture.


This extends to being familiar with how the child ties into the fabric of their local community. We spend quality time with the communities that we work with, in order to truly know them and work with them to derive an effective solution to the challenges they face.

The streams that we focus on are namely:
Education, Health and Well-being.

For us, our Education Initiative is the lifeline between poverty and self-determination. Not only do we provide school fees for orphans in order to keep them in classrooms, we also facilitate training workshops on a range of subjects and at varying levels. Topics include: Management skills for adults; Entrepreneurship and Enterprise; Nutrition. Because children are actively learning every second of the day, we are firm believers in ensuring that the settings in which children spend their time are stimulating and safe. Thus, Orphanage-Infrastructure- Strengthening, falls under our Education Initiative.

Our ambitious Health Project ensures our communities do not lack the basic necessities and do nothing.

Our Well-being Initiative is a holistic approach to well-being that engages and combines the physical, mental and emotional dimensions of each person.


Through sports and nutrition we encourage children and young people to be the best versions of themselves. We empower them to take charge of their lives by first acknowledging the potential that lies within and subsequently taking steps to cultivate this potential.

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