COVID-19 Big Hearts Policy Update Calling All Climate Champions To Apply

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#WeWillRizeTogether is an internationally connected team including the Bob Marley Foundation, Chronixx, Team ODG and more all working together with the focus of raising the quality of educational provision.

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Patrice Lumumba Eco Village

With part of the remaining money iHeartAfrica purchased 6 acres of land in Maluku, about 2 hours from Kinshasa with the end goal of building a sustainable eco-village that empowers the entire surrounding greater community.

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Kinshasa Clean-Up & Refurbishment

For the last 3.5 years we have been supporting the children in Congo DRC, Kinshasa, covering living expenses like food supplies, medical bills and school fees. However as always the children at our orphanage need some extra support.

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On the back of the huge success of Marvels Black Panther, iHeartAfrica decided to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented in the films ideas, concepts and principles.

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Somalia – #LoveArmyForSomalia

In March 2017, just 6 years after the drought that claimed a ¼ of a million peoples lives, another critical level famine alert was raised in Somalia that severely affected as much as 6.2 million nearly 50% of the population.

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Congo Hospital – Meteba Medical Centre Ngaba

Our first completed major project on the continent took place at the Meteba Medical Centre in Nagba, Democratic Republic Of Congo.

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