Congo Hospital – Meteba Medical Centre Ngaba

£90,623 of £100,000 goal

Raised by 2,910 people in 18 months

Our first completed major project on the continent took place at the Meteba Medical Centre in Nagba, Democratic Republic Of Congo. Situated in the more rural area of South Kinshasa and serves and immediate population of around 27,000 people. As one of the few medical centres serving as a maternity unit in the area it was heavily relied on but ill-equipped with out-dated resources to effectively cater for the community.

When we first visited there wasn’t enough medicine, equipment or staff. There was no front door, electricity, sanitation, the roof leaked, and everything was covered in dirt. They only had 8 beds, 5 on one ward and 3 in the maternity unit Babies were being born there and getting infected because of the poor hygiene. With the help of YOU the people we raised XYZ and enabled us to help keep the centre open, improve the medical facilities as well as refurbish & modernise the building.

Meteba Medical Centre Ngaba now has:

  • A new roof on all the buildings and refurbished ceilings.
  • Refurbished flooring and flood defences.
  • A new clean water tank.
  • Solar electricity so they don’t have to rely on the electrical grid
  • Lights in every room and lighting outside
  • Full bathroom facilities
  • New beds, mosquito nets & mosquito protection on the windows and doors.
  • More medicine
  • New equipment including an incubator for premature babies
  • A sanitary observation room.
  • A refurbished seating area, a new entrance with a front door


The rest of the money raised continued to support the Masika centre, ensuring they have food every day, funds to pay bills like school fees for the children.
We also helped support the orphanage in Ngaba, as part of the agreement on this project they now have free medical care at Meteba.

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Patrice Lumumba Eco Village

With part of the remaining money iHeartAfrica purchased 6 acres of land in Maluku, about 2 hours from Kinshasa with the end goal of building a sustainable eco-village that empowers the entire surrounding greater community.

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Kinshasa Clean-Up & Refurbishment

For the last 3.5 years we have been supporting the children in Congo DRC, Kinshasa, covering living expenses like food supplies, medical bills and school fees. However as always the children at our orphanage need some extra support.

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