On the back of the huge success of Marvels Black Panther, iHeartAfrica decided to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented in the films ideas, concepts and principles. After making arrangements with over 25 different youth, school and community-based organisations, plans were set to take just under 1,500 students from 5 cities in 4 countries to screenings of the film. First, we took 700 students in Jamaica in two screenings in two days in Kingston and Montego bay. Next, we went to London and took 250 students before flying to our school in Ghana and taking another 200 students. The team then travelled over to New York where our last screening took place for another 200 students.

Immediately after each screening the students were fed ital food that we had partnered with local plant-based caterers to provide before entering into an hour long live panel discussion. Due to such an amazing public response, the project attracted the attention of creators, influencers and celebrities of all types who were interested in being involved in one-way shape or form. Many of which, like Chronixx, Taurus Riley, Immortal Technique, Michael Dapaah and Ainey Zion came down to talk to the students about important topics like representation, education and unity. iHeartAfrica worked with an international team of educators to edit and produce a 6-part Pan-African lesson plan and workshop which was made available to all of the participants and the world HERE.

As a result of the project P.A.P.P, the Pan-African Pen-Pal Program has been created to help bridge the gap between the children of the diaspora who will become the leaders of tomorrows globalised economy. Although we fell short of our financial targets we received help behind the scenes from Feliepe Cornol, Michael B. Jordan  and Cara Delevingne. With their help we were able to save £3000.000 which will be carried over and used in other projects such as the P.A.P.P the Pan-African Pen-Pal Program connected the students we worked with across the world together and the #WeWillRizeTogether school building initiative.


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#WeWillRizeTogether is an internationally connected team including the Bob Marley Foundation, Chronixx, Team ODG and more all working together with the focus of raising the quality of educational provision.

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Patrice Lumumba Eco Village

With part of the remaining money iHeartAfrica purchased 6 acres of land in Maluku, about 2 hours from Kinshasa with the end goal of building a sustainable eco-village that empowers the entire surrounding greater community.

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Kinshasa Clean-Up & Refurbishment

For the last 3.5 years we have been supporting the children in Congo DRC, Kinshasa, covering living expenses like food supplies, medical bills and school fees. However as always the children at our orphanage need some extra support.

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