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#WeWillRizeTogether is an internationally connected team including the Bob Marley Foundation, Chronixx, Team ODG and more all working together with the focus of raising the quality of educational provision. The mission is simple, and the blueprint is already laid-out, we’re going to raise 500,000 through the power of the global community to build and refurbish schools in the hearts of near-forgotten communities in both Jamaica and Ghana.


In Akosombo 2007, Team ODG and the Wood world mission established a primary school that has played a pivotal role in the development of the broader area. Coming up to 11 full years on, many of the students now ready for high-school have to travel for miles to attend at a cost that many parents are unable to afford.


Over in Trench-town Jamaica, the Hallie Selassi High school which was donated by His Imperial Majesty upon his visit to Jamaica in 1966. Sadly, despites its importance to the community has not seen any significant renovations since it was established in 1969. Now the school is in need of funds that the government can’t provide leaving the buildings in need.


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Haile Selassie High school



This can then be broken down in to smaller chunks such as
“Sanitation”, “Library Refurbishment” or “New Computer Tech”

  • School & Community Sensitization
  • Self-development
  • Vision Crafting & Community building Workshops
  • Environmental Prep
  • Outfit school and surrounding area with recycling facilities
  • Establish Community Garden Labour
  • Legal fees
  • Transportation
  • Fix Bathrooms
  • Roofs
  • Solar panels
  • Updated tools for woodwork and metal shop
  • Install fans & water coolers
  • Building Materials
  • Labour
  • Expand and outfit Computer room
  • Build Boxing Gym
  • Basketball Court
  • Building Materials
  • Labour


Akosombo Wood World Mission School



This can then be broken down into smaller chunks such as
“Sanitation”, “Library Refurbishment” or “New Computer Tech”

  • Land
  • Building Materials
  • Basic School Equipment
  • Labour
  • Transport
  • Legal fees
  • Extra Equipment
  • Transport
  • Labour
  • Sustainability Projects Labour
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