COVID-19 Big Hearts Policy Update Calling All Climate Champions To Apply

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The campaign was launched on 23rd December with the aim of raising funds to help the displaced families and orphans in DRCongo. In 2021 we responded to the disaster immediately raising just under $164,000 on GoFundMe and caring for 100 orphaned children, gave 6 microloans to support sustainability, employed 300 local people, and began a house building project, completing 4 homes. Now we’ve almost raised $118,413 to continue the work, but the most urgent need is to support the orphaned children. The children who have lost their parents have been displaced and are living in the camps too. The cost of an orphanage, with dormitories to house 50 children and staff is $450,000. This is the goal we would love to be able to achieve over the next few weeks, with your help. Long term we are busy working on economic partnerships and programs to help change the narrative of Africa. Help us by sharing, donating, and supporting the people of Goma when they need it most!